Trek for Boys

A virtual Trek for Boys is being planned and scheduled. Check back for more information.

Trek for Boys* (*Trek: The Next Step curriculum by Navigate Adolescence)

Middle school is a time of transition. Starting a new phase in school can be stressful. Your 6th grade son may have many questions, such as:

  • How can I handle the increased pressure of homework/getting good grades?
  • How can I feel a sense of belonging without changing who I am to fit in?
  • What can I do to limit everyday stress?
  • What steps can I take to manage social media and gaming?

Trek for Boys is a fun and engaging workshop that helps boys create strategies to make the transition to middle school less stressful, while learning more about themselves and learning how to stay true to their unique selves! Trek features three 55-minute breakout sessions led by male, professional facilitators who will help the boys navigate finding answers to the following questions: How can I connect to myself and others? (Self-Discovery topics); How can I manage everyday stress? (Self-Care topics); and How does social media impact our lives? (Friendship Topics). A panel of high school boys will share their unique perspectives on how to get the most out of the middle school experience, as well as address the most common concerns faced by middle school boys today. Shared insights from the high school boys may include how they handled changes in friendships, socializing at lunch, getting to classes on time, managing conflicts on the bus, balancing extra-curricular activities with time for homework, and much more. Lunch and a healthy snack will be served.

This workshop will use the “Trek: The Next Step” curriculum that was created specifically for boys by Navigate Adolescence (formerly named HGNA). This program is offered by TriCity Family Services and the Geneva Coalition for Youth, with the support of Geneva CUSD 304. ALL boys in 6th grade from public, private and homeschools are welcome!

Testimonial from a past attendee of Trek for Boys:

“I thought that Trek was fun, even though I didn’t want to go when my mom told me about it. I most liked learning about social media. I didn’t realize how widespread and big it was and that it lasts forever. It made me realize that I need to be conscious of what I’m putting out about myself and other people. I also liked hearing from the high school boys and their experiences since they were my age just a few years ago. Usually we just hear from adults that were in junior high 30 years ago and don’t super understand what we are dealing with. It was also nice to hear it’s normal that friendships don’t always last forever and it’s normal that people you’ve been friends with for years aren’t as good friends with you now as they used to be. My biggest takeaway was that everything you do online or say can be found out by someone else and has an effect on others. Be careful of how you present yourself.”

Please email, if you have further questions. Thank you for your interest in Trek for Boys.

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